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How it all Started

Hair is my passion, I've been styling hair since 7 or 8. In 2004 I moved to Detroit, MI for 3 months to attend Everette's Natural Hair & Beauty School. This is where I learned about styling and caring for natural hair. It's also where I learned about the natural hair journey.

For a years I worked in a salons. This is where I began to learn about adding extensions to a client's hair. I love the way that extensions can make a client look and feel.  This inspired a desire to provide premium quality luxury hair.

After doing a lot of research and development I began my own luxury wig and extension line. At first it was just a hobby to me, a way to express myself. Now, I have fallen in love with providing clients premium wigs and extensions. It has also inspired me to continue my education in the beauty industry. Which helps inspire the creation of new styles.

 The best part is creating custom wigs or extensions for clients. This allows me to bring your dream hairstyle(s) to life. Let me help you create a fabulous, classic, or fierce style today. 

Many Blessings,