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Wig & Extensions Care


Using lukewarm water to wash hair helps extend the life of your hair piece. It's best to always detangle hair before washing, this is essential to avoid matting and further tangling. Fill a large bowl with enough water to completely cover the hair. Then add about a quarter size amount of shampoo to the water and mix. Next place your extensions or wig into the water and let soak for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with luke warm water. 


After washing, I recommend applying a light weight leave-in conditioner to the hair. This keeps the hair from being weighed down and lifeless. Deep conditioning is optional, but recommended every 2-3 months. To deep condition the hair: Apply your preferred deep conditioning product directly to the wig or extensions. Then place in a zip lock bag for 15-20 minutes. For damaged extensions or wigs, 30 minutes is suggested. Once completed, pat dry with a towel. Twisting or ringing the hair can cause frizz and potential shedding. 


To extend the life of a wig or extensions, gentle care is required for hair. Combing and brushing hair regularly keeps away tangles and snares that can happen. A large tooth comb or paddle brush can be used for regular maintenance. When combing or brushing extensions or wigs, start at the tip. Then gently comb or brush towards the base of your extensions or wig. This helps detangle hair without causing damage. Using a light weight leave-in conditioner helps keep hair nourished.